A Global Solution To A Rapidly Expanding Marketplace

Launching An Innovator In A Crowded Industry of Medical Cannabis

Santa Marta Life Sciences offered a unique solution to meet the rapidly growing demand of medical grade cannabis. By growing the crops near the equator where the climate and sunlight hour per day is consistent year -round, they offered a steady supply of consistent potency medical marijuana crops.

illustrated branding




Custom designed logo for Santa Marta's new branding
Full brand guideline with font and colour schemes to accompany the newly designed logo

Designing a brand that speaks for itself

To avert the stigma attached to the crops they cultivate, the logo was designed to show like a medical research facility’s. First impressions matter, and we ensured the investors and producers both recognize the legitimacy and professionalism of Santa Marta’s offerings.

A unique solution for a steady supply of a critical medical crop

Tell Your Story On Your Website

Storytelling isn’t just a buzzword to the HOVR team. We carefully design your website and the layout to build, narrate and communicate your offerings in a rational way.

Unique Business Cards

We made sure Nick Standish (CEO of Santa Marta) and the team were ready for any convention, trade show, or investor meeting with a solid set of stationery designed.

Mockup of Santa Marta Life Sciences' Business cards front and back
Mockup of Santa Marta Life Sciences' trade show banners side by side

Retractable Banner Design

Eye-catching & elegant banners are critical for trade shows. You deserve more than shoving 1/3 of your pitch deck into a banner. We consider long distance view and short distance perspective for something that actually works.